Our Services

Our key mission is ensuring event excellence—that means 100 percent client satisfaction with every meeting. We invest all our efforts in working with you to find the perfect venue, the best prices for the services and supplies needed, and all the essential on-site features that will enable us to create the event envisioned. Our core services listed below will illustrate all that Site Search & Select can deliver in terms of sourcing, event planning, and best-practices meeting preparation and execution. Let us help make your next conference or corporate event the best one yet.

Global Presence

Today’s business world is global, and so is our reach. From Los Angeles to Paris, our services and contacts dot the globe, facilitating our unique ability to identify and secure both national and international conference locations with incomparable efficiency, speed, and skill. Our expertise in multicultural interactions makes every setup seamless, regardless of location.  We can extend informed recommendations based on your individual needs and preferences, and then quickly determine comparable availabilities the world over.

Our caliber of sourcing resources makes domestic and international site selection an effortless undertaking.

Attention to Detail

No contract is too complicated or detailed for our services and in-house experience and proficiency.

Taking care of these fine-print issues positions us to navigate any and all contract details with informed expertise, allowing us to negotiate to your benefit every detail associated with the chosen venue, right down to the intricacies of the various clauses and addenda. We eliminate the worries and hassle, plain and simple.

But don’t just take our word for it. We show you exactly how we fulfill our best-practices commitment. By providing user-friendly comparisons of available sites, as well as a breakdown analysis of cost savings, we put all the pertinent information at your fingertips, eliminating guesswork and time-consuming research.

What we do best is event work. When you work with us, you can then spend your time and effort doing what you do best. Details can make the event. Choose Site Search & Select, and leave the planning details to us!

Synergistic Preparation

From the biggest picture to the most infinitesimal detail, we have the ability, expertise, resources, and attitude necessary to provide the full-service meeting management that ensures a five-star event for every client, every time.

We can plan every moment of every event, offering total end-to-end meeting solutions. Or, we can plan just the aspects that you assign to us, from venue selection and itineraries, to online registration, to budgeting and meal selection, to creating agendas and audiovisual (AV) presentations, to ensuring effective setup of all preparation items on the day of the event.

Commitment to Exceed Your Expectations

The bottom line is this: you decide how much involvement to have, and then we get the job done based on that decision. Whether we do all that we’re capable of or just a part thereof, our mission is to make every event perfect. No meeting is too large—and no aspect of meeting planning is too small—for us to execute with professional aplomb. When you engage Site Search & Select, you receive our unending commitment to excellence for every aspect of every event. Exceeding your expectations is just the way we do business!